Vin de France – J’en Veux


Vin de France – J’en Veux


Country France
Region Jura


Practices Biodynamic
Style Red
Grapes Argant, Beclan, Corbeau, Enfariné, Gouais, Gueuche, Petit Béclan, Portugais Bleu, Seyve-Villard
Other Features Vegan, Indigenous yeasts, Natural

Vin de France. A blend of 18 ancient red and white non-AOC-approved indigenous varieties, such as Petit Beclan, Beclan, Gueuche, Enfariné, Corbeau, Portugais Bleu, Gouais, Argant, Seyve-Villard. All the vines are franc de pied. Delightful earth and fruit notes, all varieties co-fermented. Each grape is cut off the stem by hand with a small stem attached to keep the berries intact. Just 80 cases produced. First made in 2004.

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