Grappa di Nebbiolo – 5 years old

francoli grappa nebbiolo

Grappa di Nebbiolo – 5 years old


Country Italy
Region Piemonte
Producer Luigi Francoli


Spirit Type Grappa

Made from the Italian Nebbiolo grape grown in the Piedmont region. Aged for 5 years in old Slovenian oak botti that were used for the Gattinara. It is distilled and bottled after a 6 month resting period in stainless steel. Serving temperature suggested: 60 degrees Fahrenheit. 42% ABV.

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About the Producer


The Francoli family has its heritage traced back to 1875 by Luigi Guglielmo and has specialized in grappa for the subsequent 5 generations. The modern distillery was founded in 1951 by Luigi Francoli and his four younger brothers: Franco, Augusto, Giuseppe and Giovanni. All together, they built a brand that they regard as one of the most illustrious of Italian grappas. Today, they produce a wide range of grappas in Ghemme, Piedmont. Luigi Francoli Grappa is renowned for being one of the smoothest Grappas produced in Italy.


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