Grappa di Moscato

Francoli grappa moscato

Grappa di Moscato


Country Italy
Region Piemonte
Producer Luigi Francoli


Spirit Type Grappa

Made from the Italian Muscat grape grown in the Piedmont region. It is distilled and bottled after a 6 month resting period in stainless steel. Serving temperature suggested: 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Crystal-clear with a peachy, honeysuckle, Muscat lusciousness. Dry yet beautifully soft and rounded, its long, complex, honeyed flavor makes it the perfect digestif as well as outstanding in a martini. 42% ABV.

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About the Producer


The Francoli family has its heritage traced back to 1875 by Luigi Guglielmo and has specialized in grappa for the subsequent 5 generations. The modern distillery was founded in 1951 by Luigi Francoli and his four younger brothers: Franco, Augusto, Giuseppe and Giovanni. All together, they built a brand that they regard as one of the most illustrious of Italian grappas. Today, they produce a wide range of grappas in Ghemme, Piedmont. Luigi Francoli Grappa is renowned for being one of the smoothest Grappas produced in Italy.


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