Grappi di Chamomile

francoli chamomile

Grappi di Chamomile


Country Italy
Region Piemonte
Producer Luigi Francoli


Spirit Type Grappa

The chamomile is one of the most renowned medicinal herbs. It grows spontaneously in many Italian regions and is widely cultivated in beautiful blossom fields. Moscato d’Asti grappa is infused with organically grown, sun-dried Chamomile flowers from the Alps for a couple days at most, then aged for over 14 months in stainless steel tanks and sweeten with organic honey from Piedmont in the foothills of the Alps. 35% ABV.

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About the Producer


The Francoli family has its heritage traced back to 1875 by Luigi Guglielmo and has specialized in grappa for the subsequent 5 generations. The modern distillery was founded in 1951 by Luigi Francoli and his four younger brothers: Franco, Augusto, Giuseppe and Giovanni. All together, they built a brand that they regard as one of the most illustrious of Italian grappas. Today, they produce a wide range of grappas in Ghemme, Piedmont. Luigi Francoli Grappa is renowned for being one of the smoothest Grappas produced in Italy.