Drapò Vermouth Bianco


Drapò Vermouth Bianco


Country Italy
Region Piemonte
Producer Turin

1L, 500mL

Spirit Type Vermouth
Other Features Low alcohol

Drapò Vermouth Bianco is an unusual sweet white vermouth with intense baking spice notes, particularly cinnamon, on the nose. The moderately sweet palate offers honey and citrus syrup, and a rising vanilla-lemon note on the back end. Its intense flavors and complex aromas make it ideal to serve neat, on the rocks or in cocktails. 16% Alcohol.

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About the Producer

Turin Vermouth originates in Piedmont, Italy a land of great wines and great traditions in distilling. The incredible quality of their vermouths stems from superior local fruit and botanicals and through their dedication to tradition. They spent over 40 years making natural extracts and infusions and experimenting with traditional family recipes handed down over generations producing limited quantities of liqueurs to arrive at the best balanced and most flavorful vermouth. Moscato di Canelli is used for the base wines, considered the best for high quality vermouths. The ingredients are sourced locally in Piedmont, or from farms with the highest standards in 13 varying countries.


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