Vermouth Bianco “Bittersweet”

alysian bittersweet

Vermouth Bianco “Bittersweet”


Country USA
Region California
Producer Alysian


Spirit Type Vermouth
Other Features Vegan, Low alcohol

Alysian Vermouth is handcrafted and barrel aged for 9 months in Healdsburg, CA, with the goal of producing the best tasting and versatile domestic vermouth available. The base is a Russian River Valley Chardonnay grown and barrel fermented entirely by Woody Hambrecht. The base wine was then fortified by partner and vermoutière, Heather Hawkins, an Atlanta / San Francisco based bartender with well over a decade of experience creating cocktail menus and exploring the classics. Heather used house made tinctures, created by placing carefully sourced ingredients into locally made grape distillate for a period of time to extract their unique aromatics and flavors. Eighteen tinctures and seven steeping plants are showcased in this representation of the natural bounty of Sonoma. While most ingredients were sourced from growers and foragers within a very close area, a few ingredients are not available locally. Alysian plans to grow most of the ingredients beginning 2017. Both bouquet and palate show flowers, earth and baking spice, while artichoke and gentian resonate on the finish. This vermouth drinks like an extremely well balanced herbal tea. 17.5% ABV.

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About the Producer

The Hambrecht family has been in the California wine business for over 35 years, partnering with esteemed brands like Ridge, Chalone, and Truett Hurst. Bill Hambrecht was among the first visionary business owners to open a winery on Healdsburg’s picturesque Westside Road in 1982. Belvedere Winery marked the beginning of what would become a family tradition and commitment to producing wines of the utmost quality. It’s this commitment to excellence that led to Alysian Wines. "Alysian" (of Greek origin) refers to an endeavor arising from intuitive creativity and artistic resolution.

Sourced from veteran growers and off-the-beaten-path vineyards in Sonoma County, Mendocino County, Humboldt County and as far north as Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Alysian’s multiple award-winning wines strike a delicate balance with flavor profiles that delight both connoisseurs and newcomers alike.

A note on the labels: Each label features hand illustrated flora by San Francisco based artist and Woody's good friend, Bryson Gill. These illustrations correlate to their specific wine, whether it be a flower commonly found on the Elk Prairie Vineyard, a Redwood tree in the Russian River Valley, or a Honeysuckle flower which is a note evident in the Viognier. In addition to these illustrations, each bottle is individually numbered, with the number shown on the front label. The font is taken from a Ben Franklin letter press making it an "original" American font. The labels are printed locally on a recycled paper stock. There is no capsule, to save on waste.

The Origins of Allen Vineyard - Stephen Tanzer | June 21, 2018

Woody Hambrecht's helpers, Lily and Rosemary