Bas Armagnac 1979

Marie Duffau 1979

Bas Armagnac 1979


Country France
Region Armagnac
Producer Marie Duffau
Spirit Type Armagnac


Practices Organic
Other Features Vegan

Vintages can be made in any year, but by law cannot be sold at less than 10 year old. Old copper color with orange hues, shiny and limpid. The nose is rich with silky aromas of vanilla, cocoa, butter and warm wood. In the mouth, the flavors remain centered around the vanilla and oak wood flavors with addition of fruit pit and walnut. The finish has very pleasant and persistent notes of rancio and butter. 45.5% Alcohol.

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About the Producer

Born in 1875, Prosper Delord started the company as an itinerant distiller. He gained a reputation for his dedication and expertise by carting his traveling pot still around to farms in the Bas Armagnac region. Later, he married Marie Duffau and in 1925 they officially founded the company with their son Gaston. They established the business as a permanent site in Lannepax.

Today, great grandsons Jérôme and Sylvain carry on the same tradition and have established a reputation for quality that is unsurpassed. Owners of a prime 44 hectare vineyard in the heart of Bas Armagnac, (widely known as the 1st Cru), they have been distilling, aging and blending their eau de vie in the exact same way their great grandfather. The aging cellars contain armagnacs dating back to 1904. When touring the distillery and cellars, it feels as if time has stopped and you almost expect to see grandfather Prosper coming around the corner pulling his itinerant pot still with the help of his two cows.

The great success of Marie Duffau Armagnac is owed in part to :

- Use of high quality fruit harvested from the best soils of the Bas Armagnac.
- Organic practices: no pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or fertilizers are used.
- A smart use of the grape varieties: 70% Ugni blanc (for a good foundation), 20% Baco (gives roundness), 5% Colombard (herbal aromas) and 5% Folle Blanche (floral notes). The Delords grow their Colombard, Ugni Blanc, Baco and Folle Blanche.
- A particularly slow single distillation process.
- A distillation at low temperature (around 54-58 degrees), which enables more flavors, fatty acids and character to remain in the spirit.
- distillation in small batches
- Aging in 10% Gascon oak to give good tannins, darker color and beautiful spices - the remainder is in Limousin oak (giving a more fruity style).

Armagnac Duffau
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Jérôme and Sylvain Delord with their father in the middle. On the right, the cellar contains armagnacs dating back to 1904.

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