Emilien Colin started selling wine in 1900. From 6 hectares of vines, the domaine, located in the commune of Thoré-la-Rochette, grew to the current 25 hectares: 9 ha of Pineau d’Aunis, 8 ha of Chenin Blanc, 2.5 ha of Pinot Noir, 2 ha of Cabernet Franc, 2 ha of Gamay and 1.5 ha of Chardonnay. Today, 8th generation Patrice Colin runs the estate with his wife Valérie, who oversees accounting. Patrice takes care of all operations from vineyard work to vinification and bottling, helped by one full time employee and some seasonal ones. His son-in-law Florian is in charge of sales and shipping. The total production is less than 2000 cases.

The AOP Coteaux du Vendômois was officially formed in 2001, but the history of wine production goes back as far as the 11th century. After phylloxera hit, the predominant grape varieties changed from; surin (cabernet sauvignon), auvernat noir (pinot noir), miller (pinot meunier), côt (malbec) and sémillon to: pineau d’aunis, pinot noir, gamay, cabernet franc and chenin blanc, chardonnay. There is a large cooperative producing 60% of total AOP production and only 13 private producers in the appellation.

Farming practices: certified organic. The wines are vegan.

Patrice Colin

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