DD – torrette



Country Italy
Region Vallée d’Aoste
Producer D&D Maison Agricole


Style Red
Practices Sustainable
Grapes Cornalin, Fumin, Petit Rouge

The D&D Torrette – the local name for a full bodied red blend produced only in the area of Aosta – is a mix of three native varieties: 80% Petit Rouge (by law the majority grape) and 20% Fumin and Cornalin. The Dellios use Guyot pruning, a more recent innovation in the region, to keep yields to a low. The grapes are harvested together in late September, destemmed and given 10 days of cuvaison with daily pumping over of the liquid over the cap of skins. The majority of the wine is aged in tanks (80%) with 20% in 600-liter neutral barrels. In April, the two parts are assembled, racked and prepared for bottling later that month. The D&D Torrette is deeply colored, with a velvety texture and savory, bright dark berry and violet flavors

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About the Producer

D&D Maison Agricole, located on the mountainside above the town of Aosta, was founded by the Dellio family in 2002. Their ancestors had owned vines on the Valdostan hills since the early 1900s, but it was only in 2002 that the family decided to found a wine producing estate and begin bottling their wines. Daniella and her children Daisy and Denis resolved to maintain the family’s holdings and recover abandoned sites that were also part of their heritage. The domaine now comprises 3 hectares across many parcels, all on steep slopes in the commune of Aosta at about 600 meters of altitude, overlooking the Dora Baltea River. The hot and dry summer climate in the vicinity of the commune of Aosta – the warmest microclimate of the region - fosters a healthy natural ambiance in the vineyards. The southeast exposure on steep, 50 degree slopes ensures ample ripening. The soils are a mix of loose glacial debris of crushed rock and sand with many stones – all of which impart complexity to the wines while providing warming influence.

Farming/vinification practices: sustainable. The vines are cultivated by hand and no pesticides or herbicides are used. The grapes are all hand harvested and selected in the vineyard before transport to the winery in small plastic crates. The Dellio’s cool aging cellar is dug into the hillside, under the family home.

D&D Maison Agricole

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